About Us

Since emerging in October 2014, we've been working with clients across the United States and we have to say - we really love what we do.

We're a light, agile team of seasoned pros with endless potential and a can't-stop won't-stop mentality.

Our drive is fueled by our love of intuitive design, creative strategies and the primal need to build with our own bear hands.

Our Process

We craft digital experiences through Brand Strategy & Design in an Agile fashion.


    Organization is very important, so we need to research and explore your ideas prior to execution. This is where we ask all the difficult questions and do our best to answer yours, leaving no stone unturned.


    Soon we will have identified our risks, assumptions and definition of done. Conceptualization of the design and crafting of our product map will require coordination with your brand and marketing strategies to get the most bang for your buck.


    Now that we're prepped, it's time to DO WORK! Working within your time-frames and budget, the execution of our efforts is focused on delivering the best solution given the dynamic nature of creative development.


    Being an agile shop, we are fortunate to have many 'small' victories as we incrementally release stable work. Seeing our clients reap the benefits of a well executed project is the best part of what we do.


    Back to the drawing board! Our DevOps machine never rests here at ManBearCo as we push to explore possibilities. We're ready to partner with you to work smart and dream big!

We're Here To Help

Our experienced team of product pros will partner with you to do great things.

Want to work with us on your next creative project?